Korean Dungeon – K Word 1000

Hello! We are going to look at a Google Play exclusive game called “Korean Dungeon – K Word 1000” created by the Terry Young Studio. Its simplistic layout and fun gameplay will make learning Korean words fun for anyone who is interested—espescially for beginners.


The purpose of the game is to help you memorize Korean words by showing a word on the screen with a set of options for you to answer. If you select the right answer, you deal damage to the monster; if you select the wrong answer, the monster deals damage to you. The game ends when either you or the monster is knocked out. To make things challenging, you have to select your answer within a time limit; if time runs out, the monster will attack you.

Each time you complete an encounter, you will be rated on a 1–3 star rating system; whenever you get more than 1 star, you will unlock the next sub-level. Level 1 on its own has 50 sublevels and there are 4 levels total so you will be occupied for a while if you choose to play for its entirety. However, this game does have a limit on how many times you can go in a sub-level before you have to wait.

This game does a good job getting you to memorize words and it is fairly fun. And if you are a beginner, this is a good way to look at a small list of vocabulary words. That being said, the game shouldn’t be your main form of studying as it doesn’t teach you grammatical rules, the explanations behind the words, and other things relating to the Korean language.

With all of the things said above, I do recommend it to those who are either a beginner or who are looking for a simple game to play. It’s quick, simple, and fun. Download in the Google Play Store here.


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