How to Study Korean

Hello! Let’s talk about the website How to Study Korean. If you are an absolute beginner or an intermediate student who needs a little guidance, this website is one of the few that can be used to learn and study off of.

“This website is not designed just to help you to learn how to speak Korean. Rather, it is designed to teach you how to speak Korean – plain and simple – from your very first steps all the way to being able to speak Korean fluently. Other websites provide lessons that you can use to supplement to your learning, but they do not provide everything you need to know when learning Korean. This website is different. This website will show you exactly how to study Korean by giving you everything you will need at each step of the way.  Everything (for free).”

“How to Study Korean” will teach you a variety of vocabulary words and several grammatical functions while complimenting each lesson with examples like sentences. “How to Study Korean” provides PDFs, workbooks, short stories at a cost to help supplement your learning.

In the About page, the owner explains his story about when he started learning Korean and his personal study methods. He kept a record of every word and grammar concept he learned for organization purpose and realized he wrote a step-by-step instruction that any English speaker could benefit from.

This website is helpful for nearly anyone of any level. If you are a complete beginner who doesn’t know any Korean, this website will help you. If you are an intermediate or advanced Korean learner who needs guidance, this website will help you. Unlike the apps and websites I’ve seen, this is one of the few good sources that can be your main source of studying as it covers so much.

PDF versions of the lessons are only free for lessons 1-7. All lessons after that require $10 USD for the entire unit.

The detailed instructions and explanations make studying and learning easier—it’s almost like studying from a textbook. That being said, the same pro can be looked at as a con. It really does feel like a school textbook which can make studying a bit boring and a bit stressful. The instructions can be very in-depth which sometimes can be a little draining and the vocabulary list in each lesson can be daunting with the number of words it provides.

That being said, I would really give this a try—especially if you are completely new. The lessons do a good job and it really helps people who are trying to teach themselves. Until next time!


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