Mini Korean Tutor App – Eggbun 

Hello! If you want to learn how to text in Korean, Eggbun will do the job!

Disclaimer: This app requires you to pay a monthly (or semi-annually to annually) fee to access all of its features.

“Eggbun” is a Korean learning app founded by Fernando Moon and Mimi Kim. The app is available for Android and iOS users.

“We help beginner-level language learners to practice communication via chat without teachers or language exchange partners.”

This app acts like a mini Korean tutor; you’ll learn Hangul along with the names of the letters, borrowed words, numbers and counters, pronunciation, and much more. On top of learning the Korean language, the app will give you little cultural facts like bowing in Korea or soju.

The lessons are designed in a way that is easy to follow—you’ll learn a little, then you’ll review a little. After learning and reviewing what’s necessary for the section, you’ll take a small quiz that will test your typing, listening, and reading skills. After passing the quiz, you’ll move onto the next section and then eventually the next lesson if you decide to go in order.

Each lesson will take place in a texting simulator with “Lanny” teaching you about whatever the lesson is about; this type of environment is perfect for those who do not like a plain, textbook style of learning. There are sentences and words in some lessons that are spoken by native Korean speakers as well as some pictures for said sentences and words.

The great thing about this app is unlike many Korean learning apps, this app will teach you Korean step by step from the characters all the way to forming and reading sentences (assuming you pay for the subscription). The design is quirky but simple so if you have an aversion to plain styles of learning, this app will keep your attention. Unfortunately, this app does have a few negatives. The subscription is probably the biggest turn-off for people. The app closes many of its lessons from users who don’t invest in the premium account. It is only $5.99 (as of August 27, 2017), but that’s still a monthly bill to pay. And while I do appreciate the easy to pick up nature of this app, it will not teach you advanced Korean like Hanja or more complex grammar.

However, I do recommend this to beginners who are interested in learning Korean as well as intermediate students. I also do think the price is a deal for what you’re going to receive in return. If you are interested in trying the app out, download from the Google Play Store here or download from the Apple Store here.


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